10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Southern Spain

The region of Andalucia is by far one of my most favorites in all of Europe. Known for its sought-after beaches, Flamenco and architecture.. it truly is a gem. My love affair with Spain will last a lifetime after I was first introduced in 2011. I could write a list of about 50 reasons why everyone should visit Southern Spain, but for your sake (and mine), I’ve limited it to 10. Enjoy & if you’ve been, leave a comment and let me know some of your favorites things to do in Spain!

1. Get lost wandering through the Alcázar of Seville.

I literally could have spent an entire day walking through these majestic gardens and buildings. Once a royal palace, then a Moorish fort, there is just so much history to be told here. It reminds me of an oasis within a busy city. Such a serene destination – take in every moment! This place is heaven on earth. I promise, it will be a place you’ll never forget.
Fun Fact- HBO shot a few of their Game Of Thrones scenes here!!
Image result for game of thrones alcazar

2. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Zahara De Los Atunes.

The waters are so stunning, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Spend the day here on the beach and grab a bite to eat at Restaurante El Refugio!

3. Marvel at the view from Puente Nuevo in Ronda.

You get the most spectacular 360 degree view from this bridge – mountains, cliffs, gorges. Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe it! Constructed in 1751, it took 42 long years to build and claimed about 50 lives in the process. Fun fact, there’s a chamber above the central arch that was once used as a prison. Rumor has it, that the prison was also used as a torture chamber during the 1936 Spanish Civil War.. some prisoners being thrown out the windows and into the rocks below.

Also, it’s definitely worth to note that while you’re in Ronda do not miss touring the ancient Roman bath house. Ronda is a simply gorgeous city!

4. Journey through the Cueva de la Pileta just outside of Ronda.

Nestled in the middle of a desolate mountainous area, Cueva de la Pileta is more than just a cave.. it is a preserved piece of time. Discovered in 1905 by a farmer looking for bat guano (aka- bat poo), he stumbled across cave paintings, human remains and pottery. The findings have been dated back to over 13,000 years ago to the Neolithic Era — the oldest of all in Spain. You’re given a lamp to walk with and guided by a local tour guide. I promise it wont belike anything you’ve ever seen before.

5. Climb to the top of the bell tower in Seville.

I’d credit this as the location to get the best photograph of the city. This cathedrals’ bell tower is quite the hike, but so worth it! Named Giralda, this tower is located at one of the largest churches in the world (3rd to be exact). Climb it to the top and take in the view.

6. Spend the day in Arcos De La Frontera.

If whitewashed, quiet, little towns interest you.. look no further! Arcos de la Frontera is simply stunning. The city is nestled on the top of a hill and can give you a spectualar view of Spains countryside. Every corner you turn, it seems there another picturesque sight. Arcos is a photographers dream! My hotel here was incredible with a private terrace overlooking the country, so if you stay here you must check out Hotel El Convento.

7. Visit the Camara Oscura in Cadiz.

When in Cadiz, I bought a ticket to the Camara Oscura. Not knowing much about it, it really didn’t disappoint. The Camara Oscura projects an image on a white concave horizontal screen, like on a table, which is situated in the centre of completely darkened, black painted room. The projected images are coloured and luminescent and they reflect everything that happens at this very moment outside the tower (moving images in real time). Thanks to the large focal distance of the lenses the result is a magnificent optical effect which means that even objects which are far away seem to be near. (Yes i stole that from their website.. http://www.torretavira.com/en/)   🙂
If you also have time, check out their beaches and the HUGE cathedral.

8. Cross the Straight of Gilbraltar into Tangier, Morocco.

Ok ok, you may get mixed reviews about going into Tangier, Morocco from Spain, depending on who you talk to. Although this one is technically about Morocco, I have to include this in this post about Spain simply because you venture here as a day trip. Well, if you’d like my honest opinion, which obviously you do because you’re reading this 😉 I say GO FOR IT! How could I pass up a chance to go to Africa? Not only did I have a blast learning how to ride a camel, and driving through the city, it was an extremely humbling experience.

9. Visit the old Roman town of Córdoba.

With all of Cordoba’s offerings pretty much accessible by foot,  this town is perfect to wander through. Enjoy the view from the ancient Roman bridge, wander through the thin alleys, stop for tapas, and spend some time at the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

10. Spend a weekend in Rota.

Europe 1040

There is so much to do in the laid-back town of Rota! I spent the weekend here and it was a blast. This town has so much to offer – visit Castillo de la Luna, swim in the ocean, and hit up the nightlife. It’s primarily a resort town, so expect a lot of Europeans staying here on holiday during the summer.

Favorite Photography Spot:

My favorite location for photography would be Arcos de la Frontera. As I mentioned before, Arcos is a photographers dream.

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