13 Things To Pack When Traveling With A Baby

During our recent trip to Europe with our 4 month old, Noah, we gained plenty of insight regarding baby products and gear required for travel. We realized what we should have brought, did bring and used, and the products that we could have left at home.

If you missed out on my previous blogpost, 10 Tips For Traveling With A Baby,  I recommend reading it first. This post is meant to follow the tips with exactly what products and gear that I recommend for you if you’re travelling with your baby. I’ll be excluding the basics: diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bottle cleaners, lotions, shampoo, body wash, clothes, etc. So aside from the basic necessities, these are the exact products that we brought and used during our 12 day multi-destination trip through Italy.

ONE / Baby K’Tan Carrier

I do not recommend even leaving home without a baby carrier when you’re traveling. You’ll use this quite a bit! While going through security at the airport, I kept Noah in the carrier on ktanme. This allowed me to be hands-free, while going through the security process. I pushed the stroller, and placed his diaper bag in the seat and kept my purse on the storage below. It worked great! This is the exact baby carrier that I have – I feel it is less of an eye-sore without all of the bulky straps most carriers usually have. You will see me wearing this in a lot of our travel photos. I also use this at home when running errands. You can wear the baby several different ways and they show tutorials on their website.

TWO / Summer Infant Travel Bed

This portable infant travel bed has a pretty nice little mattress, with a removable and washable sheet. Its lightweight, easy to transport andcarrier folds down very simply. We used our travel bed for a few nights at the first destination until we realized that Noah was too long for it. He tosses and turns a lot through the night, so he would wiggle his way down and his little toes would be touching the side. I loved the idea of this travel bed and I totally would have used it the entire time if he wasn’t too tall (he’s in the 93rd percentile for height for his age, lol). We ended up having to go to a baby store in Como, Italy and getting him something larger that we ended up not bringing back with us.

THREE / Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Car Seat

This is the car seat that we also use at home. I have nothing but great things to say about carseatit! Not only does it look good, it’s constructed using their “safe cell” technology: impact protection, steel frame base, and extra head protection. Britax is known for manufacturing some of the safest car seats on the market and they’re modestly priced. Obviously, if Will and Kate brought home the future Prince in a Britax B-Safe, you know it’s good! Amazon has a really good price and it does include the base.

FOUR / Britax B-Ready Stroller

I have to follow the car seat with the Britax stroller! This is an awesome stroller; It’s great strollerfor travel! It folds down very simply with the push of a button. At first it can be a little awkward to open it because when you push the latch button that holds it together, you have to pull the stroller up and it flies open. It is definitely not a deal breaker by any means, but you just have to get used to that. It has a “click and go” so you can easily snap in your car seat. So you can use it during the infant stage but also the toddler. Its an aluminum frame, meaning it’s strong but also lightweight. We snap in the car seat and use this stroller alllll the time, pretty much everywhere.

FIVE / Summer Infant Monitor

This is the exact Summer model that we have. Aside from using at home daily, this was also a must for travel. As I previously mentioned, we rented Airbnb entire homes while monitorabroad, and this ensured that Noah had his own room to sleep in. He sleeps in his crib at home so it was something we definitely wanted to keep going while traveling. It was so convenient; Our daily night entailed putting him down, enjoying a glass of wine on our balconies and relaxing with the baby monitor with us. It has a large screen – colored and night vision, and has  adjustable volume. Don’t forget your 2 plug adapters if you’re travelling abroad.

SIX / aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

We love these swaddle blankets! We don’t swaddle swaddle Noah anymore, but we use these all the time! They make for great car seat blankets, sheets, (I used this as an extra layer sheet with the Travel Bed above), burp cloth, nursing cover, changing table cover and more. So soft, they’re 100% muslin. We have about 12 of these blankets at home. We brought 2 with us (if you don’t have access to a washer I’d recommend bringing 4 or trying to wash them in the shower/tub).

SEVEN / JJ Cole Car Mirror

This has literally been on my backseat headrest since Day 1! I like the comfort of being ablemirror to easily glance back there and see what he’s doing (basically if he’s asleep or awake, lol).  Its simple to install, and I just liked having it with us during our trip. There were a few days that we did quite a bit of driving and the reassurance of just being able to glance at his face made bringing it well worth it. Linked above is the exact model that we have.

EIGHT / Sound Machine

I didn’t invest in some fancy, tricked-out sound machine. We just opted for this simple version. We mainly use the white noise setting. We use this at home while he’s sleeping, sound machine.PNGso we wanted to keep him as comfortable as possible, so we brought it with us. We did have our own house so it was quiet, but we still kept it on to drown out any external noises. In Positano, our house up in the  mountains didn’t have AC (it got down to the low 60’s at night), so we would keep the door and shutters open in the living room where Noah was sleeping. We did have some neighbors above and below us so it was nice to drown out any external noises for him. Also, while we had Noah in the airplane bassinet, we kept the sound machine on as well to drown out the opening and closing of the bathroom door. It also runs on batteries. Linked above is, again, the exact model we own.

NINE / Clorox Wipes To-Go

This was actually recommended to us by our pediatrician. He recommended that we wipe cloroxdown all the surfaces on the plane around our seat: the handrails, table, etc. We took his advice because we were not about to travel with a sick baby! We kept these in our diaper bag and also would occasionally use them at the houses we stayed in. The to-go pack was plenty for a 11 day trip. You should only need one.

The next recommendations are for ladies that are breastfeeding/pumping…

TEN / Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump

Obviously, us nursing ladies cannot go without our pump. I love mine and have never had pumpany issues with it. I think Medela is a great brand and their nursing product line has something for every need without compromising quality. I did bring it with me on the plane, but found that I never used it because I was nursing Noah more frequently. I do recommend bringing it also for the moments that you need to give your baby a bottle because you’ve had a glass or two of wine.

ELEVEN / Medela Bottle Cooler

While at home, like most ladies I “pump and store”, but while traveling it was not coolersomething I was even going to attempt. I liked this bottle cooler because it also comes with an ice pack and bottles – It was a great deal. The cooler holds 4 bottles, and while traveling I’m never going to need more than 4; The milk doesn’t stay fresh for longer than a couple days in the cooler (although I kept the cooler in the refrigerator the entire time, except for moments of traveling) so it was the perfect size. If you have a Medela pump, you can pump directly into the bottles that it comes with; everything fits perfectly.

TWELVE / Medela Quick Clean Wipeswipes

These things are awesome and so convenient. You can use them to clean your breastpump parts anywhere, without having to use soap or water. This is a travel necessity! I kept my pump/parts/cooler in my diaper bag along with these.

THIRTEEN / Alcohol Testing Strips For Breastmilkstrips

What is travel without a glass of wine? I use these at home and also did while traveling. They just give you the peace of mind that you’re safe to nurse your baby. All you do is express a tiny drop of milk onto the strip, wait two minutes and if the color changes on the strip, there is alcohol present. Voila! They’re a little pricey, but worth it.

Well that about sums it up. If you have any questions about the above products, traveling with a baby, or anything – feel free to let me know below in the comment section.


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